Alex Buescu- Made this site!

Ekosystem- My daily graffiti and street art fix

Chief Magazine- Bringing beer and bodily fluids to the fuckin' table

Sweet Station- Shooting illustration into my blue veins

Feeder- What to do in BUcharest, All day every day Bay Bay

It's Everyday- Design with a manicured middle finger

Hardcomics- A conglomerate of comic freaks who publish in Romania

Tom Wilson- Draws cocks on the sides of his great articles. Spins music I don't get, but am assured is good.

Matei Branea- Showed me the ropes of illustration, then showed me some great porn

Sam3- One of the best artists I know, cooks kickass paella too.

Irlo- When I paint with him I have a kickass day

We are Om- Make their dreams come true through film

Camil Dumitrescu- I'll let him photograph me beating old ladies if he wishes so

Michele Bressan- Lover of all analog photography, is it the drugs? Is it the talent?

Rokolectiv- Electronic shrieks in Romania

Dreamrec- Do not tweak your television, he is in control

Vlad Nanca- is Vlad Nanca

Mircea Nicolae- C---o___n***c###e"""p}}}t%%%s

Lorenzo Fonda- Il Fantastico!

Bros Mind- WIll make you fart with joy

Nicole Kenney- Yee Haw!

Vlad Cadar- Abalifachenflai

Etp- Great Web Hosting

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