Coke Bottle Top

Bucharest 2007

Project in collaboration with Sam3. Some photos by Vlad Nanca

Duration of (illegal) installation 5 days (hell yeah!)

The level of outdoor advertising in Bucharest has reached heights of absurdity one could never have imagined. Each and every possible space in the city centre has been taken over by corporations and advertisers, legally or illegaly (albeit with profit in mind). Public space has ceased to belong to the public and is now merely a path from one commerce to another, where all the senses are bombarded constantly with the intention of selling 'necessary' products and lifestyles.
Piata Romana is one of the most central points of Bucharest. For more than two years it has been crowned with a megalomaniacal bottle of cola, pouring from the top of a building into a huge glass stuck on the side of it. Our 'little' intervention shows the disastrous side effects that this kind of advertising, which has spiraled out of control, could have on the population and streets of Bucharest. Streets which are torn up on a daily basis, then covered up, then torn up again.
Funnily enough once the object was installed few people took notice of it, walking past as if a huge fucking coke bottle top, stuck into the asphalt, is something you see every day. Well, here in the wild East, it is.


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