Just spent a few months in London, working at Wieden and Kennedy and realising how much I hate 9 to 5 jobs and lame-ass bosses who want to model you into the perfect advertising boy. Screw that. I'll be your mercenary with a pair of balls. Pay me to throw a bucket of paint on the competition's billboards, or to make a dinosaur out of burning tires. I promise you'll be happy.


My friends Alana and Tina are selling cupcakes on the street in Williamsburgh. I love the hand crafted signs in NY, so I made a huge cupacake sign for them. They're selling mad cakes now. Hell Yeah!

Photo by Will Femia


Welcome to my new site! This contains all the shenanigans I've been up to the last few years. Thanks to Alex Buescu who was wicked and put this awesome Blog/Site hybrid mutant mutt together, and thanks to ETP for their great web hosting over the years. This will be easier to update than my last sites, so expect new things, and check out the news section to see little spurs of nonsense and colour.

I'm living in New York for the Summer, check back for shows/exhibitions. I'll be back in Bucharest at the end of July.

Be sure to check out my new animation Choices, in the video section. It's going to Cannes in a week!

Thanks for chekkin' it out!

Keep it sonic!

Photo by Vlad Nanca

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